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Brunch Box

$300, plus HST

See below for additional sizes available.

Feeds 10-12 people

Our delicious Brunch Box is filled with a delectable mixture of cured meats and cheeses, fruit and veggies, antipasti, hummus dip, olives and pickles. It also contains a river of smoked salmon, cream cheese, bagels and pastries.

Please Note: This box does NOT come with a separate box of fresh crusty bread and artisanal crackers since it's contents already contain breads and pastries.
If a box is required it can be added on. Please see our Bread & Cracker Box

Medium Brunch Box- $180, plus HST. Feeds 4-6

Small Brunch Box- $100, plus HST. Feeds 2-3 people


Every box and platter created is unique and items may vary slightly. Each and every box or platter may be customized. Simply let us know when ordering of any changes you'll need. Additional charges may apply.

🌱 Add a mini bottle of Prosecco (200 mL) to any order for $20
🌱 Add a note card and envelope with a personalized message at no cost.
🌱 Delivery within south west Barrie at no cost. For delivery outside of area, please inquire for details.

*** DISCLAIMER: Graze North is not responsible for allergic reactions. Please notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions in advance. ***

*** Note: During inclement weather and unsafe road conditions, delivery will be rescheduled as weather permits. ***

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