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Hi, I'm Lina, the founder and creator of Graze North Charcuterie.
I have a passion for food and cooking and believe that food should look as good as it tastes. From an early age, I've always enjoyed shopping local farmer's markets and scoping out the most delicious and seasonal products. I put that same care and attention into every board, box, and table I create and thrive on creativity and the love of food.

With my background, food was always the centerpiece and main staple of family gatherings and events.

I believe food is the best way to bring and connect people together, creating an experience that your family and guests will be raving about long after your event ends. 


Graze North Charcuterie, founded in late 2021, is the love child of a
torrid love affair between a girl, her Italian background and her love
for cured meats and cheeses.
It all started with falling in love... with food.

We are a Barrie based charcuterie company specializing in luxe, gourmet
and epicurean grazing boxes and boards and show stopping grazing tables. 

We create delectable works of art using fresh, seasonal items with the addition of  artisanal meats,
cheeses, antipasti, crackers and breads in all of our work. 
Our team proudly holds
the Ontario Food Handlers Certificate,
guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and
safety in every
culinary and charcuterie creation. 


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✨ As seen and heard on The Good Neighbour Podcast✨

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