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G R A Z I N G   T A B L E S

We take grazing to a whole new level!
From the design concept to the execution, we create a jaw dropping, spectacular
table scape that will not only please the palate but also the tummy. We create
luscious spreads with lots of variety, with something for everyone to enjoy.
Our grazing tables are perfect for corporate functions or board meetings, weddings, engagements, showers, or any other event where you'd like to not only feed your
guests but also impress them :)

For pricing on grazing tables, please email us here at and give
us all the details. For basic grazing tables, pricing starts at $30 per person,
plus applicable taxes.

The more information you provide us, the better we can quote you more accurately.
Please provide information such as date, number of people, and location and any
other info you feel is pertinent. 


Enhance your charcuterie table experience with our curated selection of
accompaniments, perfectly paired to elevate every bite.

Add-ons include specialties such as:


  • P A N I N I
    - Grilled Vegetable: Red onion, zucchini, and bell pepper, topped with fresh mozzarella.
    - Turkey & Swiss: Oven-roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, and fresh arugula.
    - Mortadella & Provolone: Classic Mortadella and Provolone, paired with a house made pesto.
    - Salami & Havarti: Delicious Genoa Salami paired with creamy Havarti and lettuce.

    **** Panini are available on Focaccia, French Baguette, and Ciabatta. ****


  • S A L A D S
    - Mediterrean Pasta Salad- Orzo pasta accompanied by roasted vegetables such as peppers, red onion, zucchini, and black olives and dressed in an olive oil garlic dressing.
    - Caprese Pasta Salad: Orecchiette pasta, sweet and succulent grape tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, and fresh mozzarella tossed in a garlic pesto dressing.
    - Arugula, Walnut, and Pear Salad: Tender leaf lettuces such as Arugula and spring mix tossed in a traditional Italian dressing and topped with thinly sliced pear, walnuts, and savoury blue cheese.
    Caesar Salad: Fresh and crispy romaine lettuce tossed in a garlic Caesar dressing and topped with crunchy croutons and real bacon bits.
    Burrata Board: Creamy and mild burrata surrounded by beautifully layered tomatoes and topped with a garlic olive oil dressing and drizzled with fine balsamic glaze. 
    Veggies & Dip: Hand held cups of goodness. Cups filled with fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumbers, grape tomato skewers, and broccoli. 

  • **** For pricing on panini and salads, please contact us directly with the total number of people being served. ****

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